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The Spurgeon Archive is the largest collection of freely available resources written by and about Charles Spurgeon. This collection is maintained by Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, as a part of the Spurgeon Center. On the left you can explore the sermons of Charles Spurgeon, and further down the page you'll find ebooks, biographies, a documentary, and other resources. Learn More about Midwestern ›

Major Books

All of Grace Cover

Spurgeon's Lost Sermons

The lost sermons of C.H. Spurgeon, collected by Dr. Christian George.

Learn More ›

Around the Wicket Gate

"A Friendly Talk with Seekers Concerning Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" Read For Free ›

Come Ye Children

"A book for Parents and Teachers on the Christian Training of Children" Read For Free ›

The Soul Winner

A collection of lectures and talks on, "How to Lead Sinners to the Saviour" Read For Free ›

The Treasury of David

This work was first published in weekly installments in The Sword and the Trowel. Read For Free ›

Commenting and Commentaries

Spurgeon's remarks on the merits of various commentaries are both witty and instructive. Read For Free ›

The Daily Spurgeon

Morning Devotional

A daily dose of Spurgeon. Read this Morning's Entry ›

Evening Devotional

A daily dose of Spurgeon. Read this Evening's Entry ›

Faith's Checkbook

Excellent daily devotionals. Read Today's Entry ›

Through the Eyes of Spurgeon

The lives of millions of Christians around the world have been changed through the ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. But how much do those of us who esteem him so highly really know about Charles Spurgeon, the man?

Through the Eyes of Spurgeon invites you to explore with us where and how Spurgeon lived, to follow his steps, to embrace the legacy he has left us.

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Other Resources

The Sword & Trowel

In 1865, Spurgeon began publication of The Sword and the Trowel, a monthly magazine which not only contains valuable materials on the Scriptures, but also serves as one of the best autobiographical sources on the life of Spurgeon. Read the Sword & Trowel ›

Fullerton's Biography

This warm, fascinating story enduringly records Spurgeon's character and focuses light on different aspects of the man. The result is a lifelike picture of Spurgeon as he lived and labored for the Lord he loved. Read Fullerton's Biography ›

The Downgrade Controversy

During the height of the Down-Grade Controversy, in 1887-88, The Sword and the Trowel, Spurgeon's monthly magazine, contained something about the dispute in every issue. Read about the Controvesry ›

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